One-Hundred & Fifteen Days

I want to start this post by saying this: God is the Great Provider and Sustainer of life. He alone deserves ALL the praise and glory for any good thing that comes out of this blog and in my life. I cannot adequately put into words His awesome ways!

Come and see what GOD has done:
He is awesome in His deeds.
Psalm 66:5

I leave for Uganda in just under 4 months (!!!!!!!) and wanted to write an update post to let everyone know what’s going on. Most of you know I’ve been given the opportunity of an internship in Northern Uganda this summer with Four Corners Ministries (read more here).


Since finding out in August that I was going to back to Uganda during the summer of 2016, I began fundraising. I saw the overwhelming ways in which God provided for my trip in 2014 and knew He would once again provide if this internship was His will for me.  He has done just that. I sent out support letters to friends and family and was blown away by the people who followed God as He led them to give. My beautiful, generous mom began crocheting little stuffed animals to sell for donations and WOW! I was again blown away by the number of people that purchased these animals, knowing that all the proceeds would go towards my internship.  (She is still working her hands to death making the cutest hand-made animals I’ve ever seen.) Through the support letters and animals, God not only provided all the funds needed for my internship, He provided above and beyond. When we come with expectation before God, He not only shows up, but shows out! Any extra funds will be saved for a future trip to Uganda or be given to other missionaries who work with Four Corners. Thank you to everyone who felt led to give, no matter the amount… you are the hands and feet of Christ and have made an impact on the other side of the world!


Our plane tickets have officially been booked! I am travelling with my friend Hannah, who is also serving as an intern. We leave out of Atlanta on June 7th and will be on the ground on June 9th! (Side note: June 7th, 2016 will be exactly 2 years since I left for Uganda in 2014. Pretty cool, huh?) I will be in country for exactly 7 weeks, coming home July 28th.

Last time I was in Uganda, we had to stay at a guesthouse an hour away from the Abaana’s Hope land. This time, I am so excited that I will actually be living at the land in the new missionary houses with the West family. This will cut out several hours of commuting and allow more time at the land, working and spending time with the people at Abaana’s Hope.

While there, I will be taking part in several aspects of the ministry, including the Child Development Program, the Women’s Refuge Center, the jewelry program, and so much more.


My trip may still be 115 days away, but the packing process has already started (and being the Type-A person I am, I already have a categorized Excel spreadsheet going). With this trip being 3 times longer than my last, packing is a little different. What things does a 20-year old girl need to live in Africa for 7 weeks? The answer? Snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. (I learned the hard way that airplane food is not my friend.)

I will soon be catching up on immunizations needed to travel to Uganda, as well as getting malaria pills and other prescription medicines. I’ll also be gathering any paperwork and documents needed to travel.

Most importantly, I am preparing spiritually for a journey I know will be beautiful, but very challenging. While I am there, there will be a big emphasis on discipleship and mentoring, which I am mostly new to. I may also be leading a few Bible studies, crafts, etc. Above all, I am praying God would work through me, that His love would shine, and that His will would be done.


The most important thing you can do to support me is praying!

Pray that God would, right now, be working in the lives of the Acholi people. Pray for the missionaries who are there now and that the work God is doing through them would be softening and transforming the hearts of all they come into contact with.

Pray God would prepare my heart, mind, and body for this experience. Pray He would speak His words into my heart, that I would clearly hear His voice and follow His guidance. Pray He would prepare my body for any physical demands, like jet lag, sleep deprivation, a different schedule than I’m used to, and protection from illness.

Pray for the people God would specifically lead me to mentor. Pray He would prepare me for discipleship in any way needed and that I would speak His love and His Word.

Above all things, pray that God and God alone would be glorified and that His name would be made known in Uganda and among the nations!




4 thoughts on “One-Hundred & Fifteen Days

  1. Happy and excited for you. We are sad because we will probably miss you while you are there….maybe you can come back next year. Walk by the Spirit, let Him guide you….continue to give Christ all the glory for everything….we love you our little daughter 🙂 Jamie & Sheri

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