It’s been a long 10 months since I last blogged. LOOOOONG. Since my last post (a video about my summer in Uganda), a lot has happened. To name a few things… Continue reading


Uganda 2016 {In Motion}

I’ve been back in the US for a week now without posting a picture, much less a blog. My emotions still aren’t settled and I’m still not sure how to put my 7 weeks into writing. So… here’s a video compilation of pictures and clips and songs that I hope allows you to better understand my life for the past 2 months.

Featured in this video are the smiling faces of the people I love so much, the rushing waters on the River Nile & Karuma Falls, lots of dancing, too many sunsets, and beautiful landscapes of the Pearl of Africa- all created by a God so big, I could never fully comprehend His ways. He is so majestic and worthy of our lives.

Not featured are the friendships brought together by the love of Christ, the sweet times of discipleship, many tears shed, late night Bible studies, times of doubt, messy situations, and the depths of the passion God has placed in my heart for this place. While you may get to see some pictures and videos and blogs about Uganda, you could never completely understand the beauty & heartbeat that is “Africa” without experiencing it first-hand.

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse of my beautiful summer in Northern Uganda ❤



Uganda / Week Two

It’s been over a week since my last post— a week full of ups and downs, but a week known by our Sovereign God long ago.

The Birmingham team had just arrived during my last post, and now they are heading back to the States. It was such a blessing to have them here, both for the missionaries here and the Acholi people. The guys spent most of their time doing soccer camps and tournaments at local schools, while Continue reading

Uganda / Week One

It has been one week since I left the States (but only 5 days in Uganda because of travel time) and I think I’m finally almost adjusted to the time change. Although it is the rainy season here, the rain has been scarce, so the weather is still a little warm for this time of the year. Thankfully, it has rained the past two nights and more rain is supposed to come soon, bringing cooler temperatures in the high 70’s/low 80’s. Continue reading

One-Hundred & Fifteen Days

I want to start this post by saying this: God is the Great Provider and Sustainer of life. He alone deserves ALL the praise and glory for any good thing that comes out of this blog and in my life. I cannot adequately put into words His awesome ways!

Come and see what GOD has done:
He is awesome in His deeds.
Psalm 66:5

I leave for Uganda in just under 4 months (!!!!!!!) and wanted to write an update post to let everyone know Continue reading